We want our people to go home safe, well and uninjured.

Compliance with safety standards isn’t just something annoying to get out of the way. We take compliance seriously, we value our people and priorities their safety and the safety of those around them.

site inspections

To facilitate compliance, we conduct site inspections on every site that our people go to. This helps us to ensure that the site is being compliant with WHS.


We issue our staff with personal protective equipment (PPE) and when we offer them shifts, the PPE requirements are described in the job details.

Toolbox talks

Toolbox talks are a common feature of most construction sites and with good reason. Working conditions can change from day to day and a toolbox talk provides a regular, informal forum for valuable information to be exchanged.

Incident reporting

Our directors have over 45 years of shared experience in the construction and recruitment industries. We know it can be challenging to mention any injuries, incidents, near-misses, or damage caused to equipment. After all, you want to be asked back and complaining strikes many people as a bad idea.

Let us assure you, the only bad idea is keeping silent about incidents or hazards you identify.

We’re not interested in blaming. We’re interested in reporting incidents so that issues can be addressed, and solutions provided for existing, or potential, problems. If you don’t report an incident you not only risk your own safety, but that of everyone else on site too.

Report any incidents you see and if you don’t feel comfortable doing it to someone on-site, ring your consultant and speak to them.

Environmental management

At Dash Construction Solutions we recognise our responsibility to the environment in which we work.

We constantly strive to reduce the negative impacts that our work has on the natural world.

This includes compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, adopting a workplace culture of continuous improvement and promoting our values of respect and protection for the environment.

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