Aged Care Assistant Employment Program

A redeployment workforce initiative to support Aged Care

Aged Care Assistant Employment Program

A redeployment workforce initiative to support Aged Care


The impact of COVID-19 on multiple industries including travel, hospitality, entertainment, production and other service sectors (services industry) has been significant. It is expected that casual and freelance staff will be particularly impacted due to the reduction in available work.

The aged care industry has struggled for some time to fill staff vacancies. It is expected that this will be compounded during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the industry workforce particularly affected, due to:

  • Replacing staff who are unwell or isolated
  • Replacing staff who are caring for their family members
  • An increased need for skilled care and nursing staff to support unwell residents
  • An increase in the care and nursing time required per resident, due to residents requiring isolation and the implementation of outbreak procedures

People who work in the industries listed above often share the same innate human skills as people who work in aged care, such as the ability to communicate with others, demonstrate empathy and provide effective customer service.

Overview of the Aged Care Assistant Role

The Aged Care Assistant role is designed as a temporary support to the aged care sector by providing sufficient numbers of suitably trained staff to support safe and continuous care for aged care residents.

Recruitment, screening and placement of the role will be conducted by DASH Group, who will:

  • Complete a suitability interview of prospective candidates, including personality and aptitude testing
  • Complete each candidate’s Police Check
  • Ensure each candidate has had the Influenza Vaccination
  • Encourage each candidate to self-isolate for five days prior to employment to reduce the risk of developing COVID-19
  • Direct candidates to the Altura Learning training package
  • Place candidates with employers via one of two workplace models:

Model One (preferred)
Organisationally employed

In this model, the aged care organisation will pay DASH Group a one-off fee for recruiting and training the candidate. The organisation will then employ, manage, and complete the payroll for the candidate.

Model Two
Employed by DASH Group

The candidate will complete the screening and training requirements as outlined above, but will be employed by DASH Group. DASH Group will provide the employee to the aged care organisation for an hourly rate that will be paid upon invoice. As DASH Group will be employing the candidate, they will also manage their insurance requirements, payroll and performance.

Scope of the Aged Care Assistant Role

After thorough analysis of the services provided by staff in aged care organisations, the Aged Care Assistant role has been created. This role is designed to provide assistance to staff and complete duties that require only a small amount of essential training to ensure continuity of service provision.

It is important to note that this role is not designed to replace any existing role; rather, it has been created to provide on-the-floor assistance when the demands on current staff has increased.

The Aged Care Assistant role will include assistance with activities of daily living that are not intimate, specialised, or health-related in nature. Activities are to be clearly defined, and will likely include:

  • Assistance with meal distribution, preparation, and supervision
  • Assistance with mobilising, including the use of a wheelchair
  • Assistance with non-intimate hygiene (e.g. brushing teeth and hair, face and hand hygiene)
  • Social assistance and simple recreational activities
  • Assistance with bed making
  • Distribution of clean linen
  • General administrative duties

Please note: Aged care organisations may choose to provide Aged Care Assistants with additional on-the-job training to assist non-certified staff with housekeeping, catering or laundry duties.

Aged Care Assistants will not be trained or able to:

  • Assist residents to eat texture modified food
  • Assist with continence management, toileting and/or showering
  • Directly care for infected or isolated residents
  • Assist with medication
  • Transfer residents or use lifting devices
  • Document the provision of care
  • Discuss resident care with families/representatives
  • Provide nursing care

This class of worker is intended for emergency response only and must be directly supervised by a Certificate III qualified aged care worker or above.

The Aged Care Assistant Training Package (approximately 14 hours to complete)

Altura Learning creates and distributes high quality, media-rich learning solutions for people working across the health and social care sectors. Our content is thoroughly researched by our in-house clinical and education team, with support from current, respected subject matter experts, who are leaders in their field.

Altura Learning has developed a comprehensive training package that will take approximately 8-10 hours to complete, and is accessible via computer, tablet or smart phone. Each training session is individually assessed to ensure the learner can demonstrate appropriate knowledge.

This package aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Preparedness for Working in Aged Care
  • Role Preparedness

The following training modules have been included:

Preparedness for Working in Aged Care

  • Introduction and Overview of Aged Care (including the Charter of Aged Care Rights)
  • Privacy & Confidentiality
  • Elder Abuse Prevention and Compulsory Reporting
  • Infection Control (including hand hygiene, PPE and overview of COVID-19)
  • Preventing Musculoskeletal Injuries and Risk Assessment
  • Teamwork and Communication
  • Managing workplace pressure and mental health during COVID-19
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Fire Safety

Role Preparedness

  • Mobilising the Older Person
  • Supporting a Person with Oral Hygiene and Washing the Face and Hands
  • Communicating with Aged Care Residents
  • Dignity and Personalised Care
  • Understanding the Ageing Process
  • Introduction to Dementia and Understanding BPSD
  • Safe Food Handling
  • Supporting a Person to Engage in Meaningful Activities

Included as appendices to this document is a range of support documents. These are designed to assist aged care organisations to orientate the Aged Care Assistant as easily and quickly as possible with minimum resource requirements, whilst supporting Aged Care Assistants to practice in a safe manner.

These support documents include:

  • The Aged Care Assistant position description.
  • A checklist of organisational training that needs to be provided.

This will include items such as an overview of organisational specific emergency procedures, accident reporting, staff amenities, facility tour, etc. You can add additional organisational specific items to this list.

  • A seek and find checklist for the Aged Care Assistant to complete. You can add any additional organisational specific information to this checklist.
  • A buddy shift guide, that includes an explanation of the workplace tasks that will be required as part of the role.
  • A skills assessment.

The organisation can determine which of their current staff are suitably qualified to support the onboarding of the Aged Care Assistants.

Industrial Relations

  • Minimum national remuneration for ACA’s: Remunerated at Aged Care Employee Level 2 under the Aged Care Award 2010 or the equivalent classification under the organisation’s enterprise agreement.
  • Aged Care Assistants may be recruited as casual or fixed term. Please inform DASH Group of your requirements.

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Aged Care Assistant Employment Program

A redeployment workforce initiative to support Aged Care